Our Story

When this incident occurred, I was in a class at Goizueta Business School. My wife kept persistently calling from the Optometrist's office with my then 5-year-old daughter, who was having trouble deciding between a pink and a purple frame and wanted Dad's opinion; my response was: "She's getting both” and returned to the class.

Ridhi FYEWEAR customizable Polarized sunglasses with UV protection

Pic: Today Ridhi chose Sunshine temples to match her hair accessories 

That evening, I was informed that one frame was covered by insurance and the other costed roughly $ 260 !  I didn’t see that coming and yet I had no regrets since I saw how happy my kid was with both the frames. When asked why she couldn't decide which frame to get, she said, "I would like to wear pink frames with my Minnie Mouse outfit, but I also love my Sofia the First dress and want purple frames for that”. This reminded me of how many times, despite my preference for different looks, I had to compromise and chose only one pair of shades that fit most of the occasions. Yes! I could buy multiple pairs but that would get painfully expensive or I should compromise at the quality, both the options didn't seem exciting. This was a problem worth solving!

So, I developed and perfected our patent-pending hinge technology, which allows you to swap temples and lens frames to create a fresh look. I chose premium materials and latest lens technology to create high quality shades that could be customized to match your outfits, mood, and style.

You no longer have to compromise; instead of buying entire pairs of sunglasses, you can now have very high-quality shades and create a range of fresh looks for a fraction of the cost.

Help us Beat The Monotony of Eyewear with FYEWEAR.


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